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Guiding Ideas

Check-out our top digital work since 2014. We've teamed up with early-stage startups and entrepreneurs, creating fresh products and expansive web platforms. Each product reflects strong collaboration in turning ideas into reality.



Squares, a beloved Super Bowl tradition, brings the excitement of a betting contest to handheld devices and other leagues.

[Health / Social / Messaging]


Outpatient is a mobile app that gives primary caregivers, patients and families a holistic solution to manage the health of multiple people at once. This app offers easy messaging, the ability to track medication and share scheduling - all in one place.



Crave gives its users customized restaurant recommendations based on their taste buds and restaurant attributes. Users choose the type of cuisine that they're craving, and can filter by location, price & many other options.

[Health / Meditation / Journal]

Daily 12mins Zen

12 minutes of meditation is all you need to create a safe space for you! Creating and activating new neural pathways is important to be in the moment and being present. This is the path to changing your life.

[Health / Fitness / Location]


RunWithMe mobile app lets you take a walk or run with friends, even if you're not together. Easily stay connected using the GPS location map to track each other's path. This offers an added feature of being able to track a friend or loved one to ensure that they make it home safely.

[AG-TECH / Enterprise]


Agralogics mobile app makes farm management easy and convenient. Growers can record their field observations and search various chemical or nutrients, upload images, check upcoming weather conditions and even geotag the location of their observations.

[Payments / Billing / Subscriptions]


Gymburse facilitates payments from your business to gym facilities to help increase employee wellbeing and fitness. From yoga studios to personal training sessions, Gymburse is a great way to encourage workers to maintain an active lifestyle outside of the office.

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