Revamping fun: diving into discovery stage to unearth new potential from an older version of the app.
In the Discovery stage, we got our hands on an early version of the app, which gave us a peek into the board game's key features and mechanics. This project was all about diving deep and uncovering the fun, so we rolled up our sleeves and jumped right into the action to explore every nook and cranny, ensuring we had all the essential info and resources to make this board game a success!
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After examining the existing app, we encountered some exciting challenges that revolved around two main areas: automated game-playing features and real-time updates for game results. Every hurdle we faced in this project was related to one of these aspects.
  • Live League Schedules

    Integrate third - party data to enable players to create custom game boards based on real - time schedules from various sports leagues like NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.
  • Auto Number Generation

    Develop a system that automatically assigns random numbers to the x and y-axes once all squares are filled, and the game board is locked, either manually or automatically.
  • Auto Winner Adjudication

    Implement an automated process to identify winning squares by using live scores, eliminating the need for manual intervention.
  • Push Notifications

    Set up a notification system that alerts winners of their successful squares and updates the game boards in real-time.
  • Social Features

    Allow players to invite friends to join the game, add them to boards, and receive push notifications for friend and game board requests.

Information Architecture

As we explored our findings and confronted challenges, it became clear that a well-structured information architecture was essential. To address this, we compiled all the vital data required serving as the foundation for our game mechanics. This organization streamlined development and created a solid base for incorporating additional features, ultimately ensuring the app's success.

This architecture allowed us to manage crucial data related to sports leagues, schedules, number generation, and user-friendly features like notifications and social interactions, all contributing to a seamless experience.
Labor of play.
Crafting a brand identity that embraces the joy of gaming and celebrates the hard work behind it.
Branding love.

Wireframes and Prototyping

During the design and wireframing process, we recognized the potential of automation and redirected our efforts toward creating a streamlined, technologically advanced experience. Client input became crucial in determining the best approach that matched their vision and expectations.This collaborative decision- making led to a tailored technological architecture, successfully minimizing manual errors and improving user satisfaction.
Wireframes and Prototyping

The Final Build

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we developed a gaming solution that optimizes user experience. By integrating live data APIs and automating winner determination, we enhanced accuracy and user satisfaction while aligning with modern automation standards. The result is an engaging and immersive product that drives user delight.
For an unparalleled gaming experience, we developed a product that leverages the power of modern technology. By employing Google Cloud and Firebase for robust backend services, Node.js for efficient server-side operations, and React and Swift for dynamic user interfaces, we devised an architecture that seamlessly embeds live data APIs and automates winner determination.
Real-time scores and live leage schedules
Live League Schedules
We've added real-time data from popular sports leagues like NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, so players can easily make custom game boards. Plus, there's a handy dashboard for quick access to all their boards!
Push notifications
Auto Winner Adjudication
We've got players covered with automatic random number generation for game boards and real-time score-based winner identification, making your user experience smooth and effortless.
Social and play with friends
Social Features
Get ready to challenge your buddies! Easily invite friends to join the game, add them to your boards, receive instant push notifications for friend and game board requests, and be the first to know about winning squares to keep the excitement going.

The Launch

Prior to launch, we created enticing marketing screens and an engaging website to showcase our game's innovative features. These exciting previews generated buzz and anticipation among potential players, ensuring a successful debut.
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